Schlatter, Mark

Room: K-6 Principal | Phone: 319-988-3239 | Hours: 7:45 am - 3:45 pm

Mr. Schlatter

Room: K-6 Principal | Phone: 319-988-3239 | Hours: 7:45 am - 3:45 pm

Mr. Schlatter graduated from Northwood-Kensett High School in 1979.  After high school, he attended North Iowa Area Community College in Mason City, Iowa and obtained his AA degree there. Once done at NIACC, he landed at Buena Vista College where he earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education.  In 1999, he returned to his alma mater and began working on his master’s degree. In 2004, he completed that goal and graduated from Buena Vista University with a Master of Science in Education degree.

Mr. Schlatter’s teaching background is in elementary education. He started his teaching career in 1983 as a Title 1 math teacher in Garner, Iowa. After a year in that position, he moved into a fifth grade classroom. In 1986, Mr. Schlatter moved to Parkersburg and taught 5/6 grade social studies for two years and then second grade for one.  After three years in Parkersburg, he moved to Iowa Falls where he taught at a variety of elementary grade levels and successfully coached a variety of sports with the highlight of his coaching experiences being when he guided his 1992-93 boys basketball team to the state tournament. In 1999, Mr. Schlatter had the opportunity to move into a half-time administrative assistant position.  So for the next three years, he served as Iowa Fall’s elementary assistant administrator and as one of its first grade teachers. Using this position as a spring board, Mr. Schlatter moved to Hudson in 2002 to become their K -8 principal. He maintained this position for 4 years; and then in 2007, Hudson restructured their administrative team and he assumed the leadership for the district’s K-4 building. After holding this position for 4 years, the district restructured its administrative team again and Mr. Schlatter became the district’s K-6 principal.

Mr. Schlatter and his family currently reside in Cedar Falls. School is important to his family as his wife, Shelley, is a kindergarten teacher in the Cedar Falls Community School System and his oldest son, Austin, is beginning his educational career as a teacher/coach in the BCL-UW system. One of Mr. Schlatter’s proudest moments occurred in 2012 when Shelley received the McElroy Trust’s Gold Star Teacher award which recognized her for her work in the classroom.  The rest of Mr. Schlatter’s family consists of Casey and Katie who find themselves as a high school junior and a seventh grader. Casey is very involved in basketball, while Katie enjoys being part of her school’s instrumental and vocal music programs.

Outside of school, Mr. Schlatter enjoys spending time with his family, attending church activities, and watching sports.

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