Friday Board Bulletin 3/9/18

Board Members:

I apologize for the tardiness of this communication. I took a vacation day yesterday to help my parents out with some business. I have been kind of relaxing a bit today so just now am getting to this!

It was another great week at Hudson! We did have a little weird weather to contend with during the first part of the week, but luckily we were able to get our parent teacher conferences in!

On Monday afternoon our selection committee met and selected OOPA! as the winning vendor for our Food Service Management Company. I’ll travel to Bowling Green, Missouri on Tuesday to visit a school that has used this company. I don’t normally go south for spring break, does this count? We’ll also spend time in this next week preparing the numerous documents that need to be executed to get the ball rolling for this new adventure. We’ll get OOPA! on the ground here immediately following the board meeting so they can start working with our food service staff. They have numerous questions.

In the legislature this week, the governor signed the bill that officially sets supplemental state aid at 1%. A few other important pieces of legislation were also signed, both the equity piece and transportation buy down. These are indeed very important, but unfortunately we will see no benefit from these new laws. The full Senate Education Committee also met this week and passed the statewide assessment bill out of committee, making it eligible for debate on the Senate floor. Once this clears the Senate it will head to the governor’s desk. This is very unfortunate. If you haven’t had an opportunity yet, please read my blog on the statewide assessment fiasco. I do have to give a shout-out to Senator Danielson for being one of just three Senators to vote no in the committee! I am very glad he listened to my input on this vote!

The picture I am sharing this week is from the ‘Pack the Gym’ concert on Thursday evening. While a concert designed to showcase our jazz bands and show choirs, the work to build a successful show choir starts very young! The students in the photo are from 6th grade, and it was a real treat to watch them perform. It was very evident from the expression on their faces they were having a great time!

Have an awesome spring break if you get one! The office will be open all week this week, with the exception of my trip to Bowling Green on Tuesday.

Dr. Anthony D. Voss, Superintendent