Friday Board Bulletin 3/16/18

Board Members:

It has been a quiet, and productive week here in the office. With spring break, it has just been the maintenance staff and me! I had considered taking the day off today, but considering the weather is not going to be all that good this afternoon decided against it! If you are enjoying the waning days of your spring break somewhere warm, be sure to take full advantage! It’s not all that warm here!

Monday afternoon, Ann and I headed to Missouri for a visit to Bowling Green school district. After an overnight in Quincy; we enjoyed lunch the next day at the school district. Our visit confirmed the decision of the selection committee to award the Food Service contract to OOPA!. As you know, there has been a little wrinkle in that process that we are working out right now. I’ll have more information for you at our board meeting next week.

The big news this week was the sudden change in leadership at the capitol. With this also being funnel week, it created an almost chaotic pace. In order for a bill to survive this second funnel, it must clear one chamber and a committee in he opposite. This self-imposed deadline is designed to focus the work of the legislature as they head into the final three weeks of the session. Our priorities of extending the SAVE and operational sharing incentives remain alive; things should begin to move very quickly now since the end is in sight. IASB does a nice job of putting together a weekly digest of action at the capitol called Under the Golden Dome. Take a few minutes to check it out to gain even greater insight into legislation that is currently pending.

That is all for now. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture for you this week. With it just being me here, I don’t have anything all that exciting to share. Unless of course you would like to see a selfie of me sitting at my desk working!

I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday, March 20th for our board meeting. Recall this meeting was changed to accommodate the first annual NICL academic awards banquet at Central Rivers AEA. I am finalizing the agenda right now, and there is quite a bit on it, due largely to our budget hearing. I’ll do my best to help streamline our conversation.

Have a great weekend!

Dr. Anthony D. Voss, Superintendent