Attention Band Parents: Important Message from Mr. Jensen!

I have made the decision to cancel our Adventureland trip tomorrow due to the weather. The forecast in Des Moines for tomorrow is 100% chance of rain, high of 53, and winds of 15-25 mph. Instead, we will go next Saturday, May 2, when the forecast is for a high of 77 and sunny. There is another band festival that day but all the performance times are filled. The director told me he would let me know if there is a cancellation so we can perform. If nothing opens up we will just listen to 1-2 bands and enjoy the day in the park.

If you ordered extra tickets all the tickets for tomorrow are good for next Saturday as well. If you can’t go we will refund your money. If you have more people that can go next week and need more tickets, let me know.

I did not make this decision lightly. The first year we went to this festival we performed and the park never opened because of the weather, so we had to just come home. I’d like to avoid a repeat of that situation and go when everyone can enjoy the park. Please contact me if you have concerns or questions.

Mr. Jensen