Friday Board Bulletin 1/12/18

Board Members:

Another cold January week is now concluded! I hope that you are all staying warm during this latest cold snap. Yesterday was quite a surprise! I would guess that won’t be the last surprise we will have this winter. Sounds like more snow is on the way Sunday afternoon into the evening so we’ll have to see how that plays out! One of the highlights of my week was an interview with Abby Gaudian from the Pirate Press, who was interested in having a discussion with me about, of all things, the process I go through to determine whether or not to close school!

On Tuesday, I was invited to attend high school physical education class with Mr. Dieken and Mr. Wurzer where we were able to see a demonstration of heart monitors. Mr. Leonard has done a nice job of increasing the rigor in his classrooms this year and has embraced the idea of ensuring accountability for his classes. The introduction of heart monitors during class would be a surefire way in which to provide us with good data! The cost of the program is a bit of a concern, but I am eager to see a proposal on how we might be able to mitigate the cost and bring these devices to our district beginning next year. Stay tuned!

Wednesday afternoon I headed to Des Moines for a Professional Practices meeting of the Board of Educational Examiners. This sub-committee meets in advance of the whole board to review pending cases. Our full board met on Thursday in a day long meeting.

However, the day on Thursday began with a visit to the capitol to see legislators. Although the session is a mere few days old, a recommendation from the governor came during her Condition of the State address to set supplemental state aid at 1.5%. As a point of reference, in Hudson that would equate to $56,281, or an actualized increase in new money of 1.21%. Nonetheless, we are not expecting to even receive the 1.5% since the legislators will likely set it lower than that.

The photo I am sharing today is from our administrative team meeting on Monday afternoon with our Central Rivers AEA representatives. During this meeting, administrators were discussing construction of IEPs and evaluating ‘F’ pages to ensure specially designed instruction (SDI) made sense within the confines of our time parameters. This is important work insofar as it relates to caseload review, which is the determinant factor we consider when evaluating staffing needs. And for the record, our middle school special education teaching position is still open.

Have a great weekend and I look forward to seeing you on Monday!

Dr. Anthony D. Voss, Superintendent