Friday Board Bulletin 1/26/18

Board Members:

It has been a pretty big week here in the district! We have hosted multiple events including music concerts, basketball games, and wrestling meets! Congratulations to Mrs. Davis and our jazz band on securing a Division II rating at state contest Monday! If you are looking for a great way to spend your evening, come on out to the basketball games tonight when we host Dike!

Wednesday afternoon we had a meeting to review and make changes to our District Developed Service Delivery Plan (DDSDP). This is the plan that includes the continuum of services we offer for our special education program at Hudson. This review is required to be conducted every five years by both federal and state statute. Once we get the plan in draft form, it will be available for public comment for 20 days before being brought before the board. We are well ahead of the game on this with a due date of September!

This afternoon we met with Food Service Management Companies (FSMC) to review our RFP and answer any questions they may have posed. It looks as if we are going to have four bidders, so that is very exciting for us! The bid letting is scheduled for February 16th, with anticipated board approval for that Monday; although it is likely we will not have time to score all the proposals before our meeting. It is then, very likely we won’t be ready for board approval before March.

In legislative news this week, an ESA (Educational Savings Account) bill, or voucher bill was dropped in the Senate. I couldn’t find a number yet, so stay tuned for that sometime next week. We’ll need to watch this one carefully because as proposed, it will have devastating effects on public schools. I am going to anticipate this will be debated and gain some traction. Be on the lookout for a blog article about this for next week.

My picture this week is of our new bus, which was delivered this morning. Right now Joel is installing the camera system and completing the inspection. We anticipate it will enter the fleet on Wednesday.

Have a great weekend!

Dr. Anthony D. Voss, Superintendent