Friday Board Bulletin 1/5/18

Board Members:

Happy New Year! I hope you each had an enjoyable and relaxing holiday season! Hopefully you were able to take some well deserved time off! We did get the second semester off the ground and running, albeit in an unplanned way! Certainly had we had the foresight to know the weather forecast for yesterday was going to be wrong by 20 degrees, we would have went on time!

I suppose the biggest news of this abbreviated week is the start of our new FCS teacher, Rebecca Kenealy. We are so excited to have a permanent replacement FCS teacher now on board shared with North Tama! At the same time, a huge thank you needs to go out to Deb Stanek, our former FCS teacher who we coaxed out of retirement to fill in for our fall term.

In other news, HHPH has been working very hard this week to get the new heating units replaced in the elementary fine arts wing. You may recall it was our intention to have this completed last week, but unfortunately there was a mix-up in shipping that delayed their arrival to last Friday! Since we didn’t start school until yesterday, we worked with HHPH to get them installed. Luckily this is one time where the cold weather really helped us out! They were able to send two crews over to the school to work on this project, and as of the writing of this memo, they are almost done with the preschool room. (We did have to cancel Little Pirate Preschool the last two days so they could finish this work.)

The photo I am sharing today is from the K-6 character assembly this morning. In this assembly, the primary theme was flexibility. As I understand it, they also spent a little time discussing expectations in the restroom!

Have an awesome weekend!
Dr. Anthony D. Voss, Superintendent