Friday Board Bulletin 10/25/13

Board Members:

Thanks for your hard work and great discussion at the board meeting on Monday night! To follow up on a few items from that meeting, I first want to follow up on a question regarding the meal for prom. The dinner will be held at Sunnyside, which is the prom location. This will be an ‘all inclusive’ meal at approximately $21 per plate.

We were able to close on the hotel property on Tuesday afternoon and have made the first installment on this project.

After multiple attempts to lobby the NICL conference to reconsider the recent realignment decision, we realized that the decision will not be revisited. At this time, the conference considers this to be a closed matter and we will be moved to the NICL West for basketball. We are in the process of communicating that with our stakeholder groups. I applaud the efforts of our team to make certain our voice was heard, in particular the work of Mr. Dieken and Mr. Wurzer.

Thursday our administrative team spent the day in Des Moines at a conference preparing for the planning that goes along with the teacher leadership and compensation model. The first meeting of that planning committee is scheduled for Friday, October 25th. Updates from this planning will be provided via board reports at our regular monthly meeting.

Have a great weekend, an please don’t forget that we are planning on leaving at 4:00 PM sharp on Tuesday, October 29th for our meeting in Mason City. This is a change from our original plans due to the fact that dinner will be served at 5:30 and we need to plan for an hour and a half of travel time.

Anthony D. Voss, Superintendent