Friday Board Bulletin 10/27/17

Board Members:

I thoroughly enjoyed our time together last night and hope you gained some useful knowledge and insights into school board service. It was very clear from my observations you have a thorough understanding of the awesome responsibility that comes with being a member of the Hudson Board of Directors! I am thrilled you are on the board and look forward to your contributions!

The heaviest lifting this week was parent-teacher conferences on Monday and Tuesday evening. This certainly makes a long week for our teachers, but at least they had the day off today.

On Tuesday morning, the entire leadership team with administrators and instructional coaches hosted Dr. Jon Mackenzie from Central Rivers AEA. His work with us centered on assessment and data collection. This was very fitting work for us as we answer the Board’s question, “How do we know?”. We also had an opportunity to discuss the development of formative and summative assessments, and to analyze test items for Depth of Knowledge (DOK). Be assured, although this is hard work and slow going, the team is working very hard at this task!

That same afternoon I was at Central Rivers participating in a subcommittee of our Regional Planning Partnership (RPP) as it relates to our Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses. All of this is in response to House File 2392, which was designed to improve access for all students to these programs across the state. Unfortunately, the workload placed on high school principals and instructors is significant.

And as you are aware, on Thursday I spent the day in Cedar Rapids with Chad where we worked through our financial modeling [out] the next five years. I think we have a pretty robust model at this point that I will be sharing with you soon. It just needs a few more tweaks and we should be good to go!

Today while the students were away, Sheila and I made the trip to Huxley, Iowa where the superintendent treated us to a tour of their hot lunch program. This district has had a twenty-year relationship with Food Service Management Companies, and just this fall entered into a new contract with Lunchtime Solutions. Both Sheila and I left the district very impressed with what they have been able to do, from the options available for students to the price of a reimbursable meal, we have generated some great ideas for applicability at Hudson!

Tonight our football team will host round one of the playoffs when Pekin comes to town beginning at 7:00 p.m.Tomorrow our girls and boys cross country teams will compete for a state title at the state meet. Hope to see you there, and please dress in layers. It’s cold outside!

The picture I am sharing this week is from professional development this past Wednesday in the elementary school. Our faculty were joined by consultants Melissa Blohm and Corey Rogers from Central Rivers AEA. The work this afternoon focused on an analysis of the data collected in our FAST assessment that was recently administered by staff. The teachers will use the results of this work and analysis to form the basis of instructional practice.
Have a great weekend!
Dr. Anthony D. Voss, Superintendent