Friday Board Bulletin 1/10/14

Board Members:

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful break and had time to catch up with your family and loved ones. Along with the custodians and Mr. Murray, I was the only one in the district during the break. It was sure quiet around here!

The cold wintery weather has arrived and we are now in the season where anything can happen. We have been fortunate that all of our buses were able to start during these cold weather days and hope that continues. We have a lot more potential for adverse weather conditions in front of us than behind us at this point, so stay tuned!

The legislative session is scheduled to begin next week so anticipate regular updates regarding the legislature. We have been told to anticipate an abbreviated General Assembly due to the fact that it is a campaign year. Items that don’t gain traction with bi-partisan support quickly are probably not going to make it through the first funnel. At our board meeting on the 20th we will spend some time talking about student advocacy and working with legislators, but if you have a chance to dialogue with one of our local elected officials I strongly encourage it!  A copy of our platform can be found right here.

Due to the dangerously cold weather, we did have to postpone our parent roll out meetings from Monday night to Wednesday night. For the most part we were able to finish by 6:30 as our policy dictates, but we did have one comment from a patron that suggested we change our policy to 6:00 due to some family night activities starting at 6:30. I am not necessarily proposing a change at this point, but merely passing along some feedback that I received. By in large, our meetings went very well and were well attended and received by parents and students alike. Thursday we rolled out the machines to the student body and had few issues. It appeared that the network handled the load well and minor problems were reported with the filter that we intend to resolve as quickly as possible. For those who are wondering, we had 20 student laptops that were not taken home. This was due to the fact that parents were not yet able to attend the informational meeting and complete the paperwork or that parents have elected to not have students take the device home with them. We anticipate this to fall in the coming weeks and will keep you apprised of the trend.

All for now, have a great weekend!