Friday Board Bulletin 12/15/17

Board Members:

Thank you for your hard work and diligence to our self-imposed time constraints during the work session on Monday. While we took you deep into the weeds in the world of academic achievement and data mining, our hope is that you at least have a better understanding of the complexities involved with this work. Our faculty and administrators are working very hard on behalf of the students in our schools! Again, thank you for your focus! This enabled me to attend the 7-12 music concert that evening which was fabulous!

The Revenue Estimating Conference met on Monday and the REC adjusted revenue growth downward by another $90 Million. The new adjusted number will be used for budgeting purposes once the legislative session convenes. This updated estimate potentially sets the stage for a de-appropriation at the onset of the legislative session. You will recall last session started in the same manner, and de-appropriations were implemented a total of three times. The good news is that Governor Reynolds has committed to protecting education funding for the current year. Nonetheless, this doesn’t set the bar all that high for growth in SSA (Supplemental State Aid) for fiscal year 2019.
Tuesday morning I attended a Regional Planning Partnership (RPP) at Hawkeye where we finalized our plan for submission to the DE. This collaboration is designed to enhance opportunities for high school students to participate in and have access to a larger number of Career and Technical Education (CTE) course strands. Wednesday and Thursday I was in Des Moines for the Iowa Superintendent’s Finance and Leadership Consortium, which meets in December and February. The highlight of the meeting was a report from PERB (Public Employment Relations Board) and one of the ALJs (Administrative Law Judge) on the status of Chapter 20 and the pending negotiation season. Thursday evening was the 5-6 grade band showcase concert, which is always fun! It is great to see our young musicians learning how to play instruments for the first time. The improvements they have made in this short time frame are impressive!
Our bid letting was held at noon today, the results of which are included in your board packet. I am eager to discuss this with you! Have an awesome weekend and I look forward to seeing you on Monday evening at the board meeting. Our architect will be attending the board meeting to answer any questions you may have with regard to the low bid and their proposal for our feasibility study for facility upgrades.
Dr. Anthony D. Voss, Superintendent