Friday Board Bulletin 12/8/17

Board Members:

It is starting to feel like winter outside, although it doesn’t yet look like it! I do feel quite lucky there haven’t been any early morning road checks yet, but am ready when the time comes!

I have a couple of things that I would like to highlight this week. As a start, Tuesday was the superintendent’s student advisory council. We have been engaged in conversation about the future of the high school library and students spent some time brainstorming how we might possibly re-configure this space as an area more conducive to 21st Century Learning. Other items of interest with these students included student access to printers, coat racks, and asking teachers to try to coordinate the homework load for some courses where possible. In all, a great meeting and conversation.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of accompanying the 4-6 grade students on a field trip to Grundy Center where they saw the movie ‘Wonder’. On its own, the film was incredibly educational and had a great message for students on the damaging impact of bullying. The sub-plots were also quite engaging and helped tie the whole movie together. But our teachers took it a step further with some amazing plans that tied very nicely to the curriculum they were studying in class. Great work to these teachers for their planning and coordination of this activity. It was definitely time well spent!

I just returned this afternoon from our December superintendent meeting with the NICL conference. This month we spent time with Republican legislators who represent school districts in our conference. I was very pleased with the turnout of legislators. This meeting serves as a great opportunity to reinforce our priorities as a school district and as a state, while at the same time building the relationships that are going to be important once the session begins in January.

The photo I am sharing this week is from professional development this week. In this picture, you see a group of teachers working independently on their personalized professional development plan. As an added piece of accountability, all teachers in the K-6 are working in a variety of places in the library. I am sure you will hear more about this on Monday.

Finally, I look forward to seeing you on Monday afternoon for our work session, which is scheduled to begin promptly at 3:00 p.m. Because of the winter concert that evening, I am going to request that we stick to a very strict timeline, which has been outlined on the agenda. I have directed the administrators to stick to a 30 minute overview, which should include some time for questions from you. Following that, we’ll spend no more than 30 minutes discussing the next step before heading out on a very quick tour of the elementary school. We’ll take a look at phase one work just to bring our new members up to speed on what was done last summer and a quick walk through the scope of project for phase 2. Upon return to the board room, we’ll spend the remaining time looking at next steps. If you look in the material that is included for Monday night, you will see an estimated proposal for a feasibility study, along with some draft work that carries our facility plan out to the ​2022-2023 school year. A lot to cover in a short time, but if we stick to the plan we should be able to finish with time to spare.

Have a great weekend, I hope to see you at the game tonight!

Dr. Anthony D. Voss, Superintendent