Friday Board Bulletin 1/20/17

Board Members:

Hope all is well with you on this very foggy evening! What a crazy weather week we have had! For the most part I think I was relatively successful with the weather calls. For a bit I thought we might be able to have school on Tuesday–that is until I put my jeep in two wheel drive and really discovered how slick the gravel roads were! Thank you for taking the time and braving the elements for our meeting on Monday night! There will come a time when we simply can’t have a meeting because of weather, but if we can minimize those instances it really keeps us consistent in our work.
Nevertheless, the disruptive school schedule made for a relatively quiet week. Obviously our start to second semester was pushed back to Wednesday, but our faculty and students were quite adaptable! Thursday and Friday I found myself in Des Moines for a mentoring meeting and the School Executives of Iowa winter meeting. Our meeting was an extension of the fall discussion where we explored teacher shortages in Iowa. Joining us in conversation were representatives from the teacher preparation institutions around the state. It was a great discussion.
This morning our work focused on legislative issues, and as of right now there has been very little in the way of new pieces of legislation being introduced. The legislature is currently focused on a de-appropriation bill (budget cut) of $110 Million, and that has stalled a lot of other work. The biggest news this week however was the introduction of SSB 1001 which is a bill that would effectively end work on Smarter Balance. Karyn and I are headed to Des Moines Tuesday for a day of advocacy and lobbying on the hill. If you are interested in attending with us, please let me know!
That is all for now! Have a great weekend!
Dr. Anthony D. Voss, Superintendent