Friday Board Bulletin 2/16/18

Board Members:

It has been a very action packed week! With this being funnel week, a lot of energy has been spent on making sure bad policy being discussed and debated is ‘killed’. Funnel week is a self-imposed deadline that states any piece of legislation has to have made it through the originating committee and thus be eligible for floor debate in the originating chamber in order to remain viable. The funnel is precisely why the voucher bill, HSB651 died in committee. There wasn’t enough support to move it to floor debate. Now, there are some ways to resurrect legislation later on during a session, but the fact we were able to stop this bill is really good news. I suspect the remainder of the session will be spent on policy issues that really need to be accomplished and the governor’s priorities.

Another bill I am watching closely is HSB2235, which is a bill that would negate the RFP process the Department of Administrative Services used to select the vendor for the Iowa Assessment. A political issue at it’s finest, the winning vendor was not Iowa Testing Programs, so they sued claiming the process wasn’t fair, selecting instead the AIR assessment. In my opinion, this is a much better test and the results should be left to stand, but when items such as these become political issues, we seem to throw common sense out the window. Nonetheless, yesterday the judge through the lawsuit out, which should clear the way for AIR. We’ll have to stay tuned to see how this plays out. Maybe common sense will prevail and the bill won’t be advanced.

The other big piece of news this week is that we received bids from food service management companies and had our official opening this afternoon at 2:00. While the financial piece is the easy part, we’ll take our time and examine all the components of each bid carefully over the next couple of weeks. That is the reason why I am recommending we table a decision on our food service management company until March.

The picture I am sharing this week is right before our wrestlers departed for the state tournament yesterday. Representing Hudson is Cam Fulcher, Ethan Fulcher, and Wes Geisler. At the writing of this bulletin, all three are still currently in competition.

Have a great weekend and I look forward to seeing you on Monday night for the board meeting.

Dr. Anthony D. Voss, Superintendent