Friday Board Bulletin 2/9/18

Board Members:

It has been a very unique week here at school. Yesterday was the only full day of instruction we were able to get in! I was happy to make a decision to cancel school last night relatively early in an effort to give parents plenty of time to make arrangements for their children today. That is not always possible, but with the forecast it made it an easy decision this time. Although the sun in shining right now and the main roads are in decent shape, the same is not true for our secondary roads. Luckily we should be in pretty good shape by Saturday, when we have a lot of school activities on the schedule!

When school was in session, I managed to complete administrator conferences and coaching sessions on each individual evaluation. I also had a chance over the noon hour to conference with the AEA on our DDSDP and finish up the draft of this document, which is now available for public comment here. Once the twenty day window is up, we’ll forward it to the Director of Special Education at Central Rivers before the board ultimately approves it, probably in late spring.

Albeit a short legislative week, there was quite a bit of action at the state house. For starters, both the House and Senate have agreed on a 1% growth in the cost per pupil for next year, but the Senate amended the bill to include transportation equity and sent it back to the House where they refused to concur. That holds up the bill and leaves us in a bit of limbo as budget work for Fiscal 2019 is currently underway. In case you are wondering, the additional revenue that is being proposed by the Senate for transportation equity will not impact Hudson at all since our transportation costs are currently below the state average.

Disappointingly, Representative Walt Rogers introduced a voucher bill late yesterday afternoon that is very troubling to public school districts and has the potential to cause great harm. The bill labeled HSB 651 is scheduled for a subcommittee hearing on February 13th. Keep in mind that just because we don’t have a non-public school in our district doesn’t mean this bill, if enacted will hold us harmless. In fact, this potentially could have a very negative impact on our funding. We’ll have to watch this very closely over the course of the next week.

It was also Iowa Assessment week at Hudson Schools, except for our senior class! As has been the practice for the last several years, our seniors receive CPR while the remainder of the students test. In the photo above, you can see the class gathered around the instructor, who is a member of the Iowa National Guard. We really appreciate the National Guard providing this life saving instruction to our students!

Have a great weekend, and if you are looking for something to do tomorrow night, our varsity girls will be in district action right here at home, beginning at 7:00 p.m.

Dr. Anthony D. Voss, Superintendent