Friday Board Bulletin 2/3/17

Board Members:

Happy Friday! Another very busy week is in the books! I finished my meetings with  new teachers this week and once again came away with an even greater appreciation of our faculty and the hard work they do daily! I think it is always a good idea to check in with our new employees to see how it’s going for them. The feedback from this group of educators has been very helpful!
Once again this week I was in Des Moines at the Capitol advocating on behalf of Hudson schools. Although the supplemental state aid that was announced earlier in the week was woefully inadequate, I think I have been able to find common ground on the area of flexibility. Representative Rogers has three flexibility bills that he is working on right now that he believes will help our cause with regard to our issue and has indicated I may have a chance to offer testimony is support of this legislation in the coming weeks. Additionally, Senator Danielson has submitted SF 187 with would authorize the use of cash reserve funds for preschool. I have also heard from the DE this afternoon that they are receiving legislative requests on this issue and we may have an opportunity to present a case to the SBRC in March. These are all signs that we are gaining momentum! We’ll see how it goes, not betting on anything at this point. Be sure to check out my blog this week for talking points.
This week’s picture if from the 4th grade ‘Wax Museum’ project. For this project, students in 4th grade read biographies of figures throughout history and created a presentation. As part of the culmination of the project, teachers asked students to dress as their character. When visitors stand on the footprints, the wax figures ‘come to life’ and explain who they are and provide many facts about their life.
Dr. Anthony D. Voss, Superintendent