Friday Board Bulletin 3/24/17

Board Members:

Thank you for your hard work and diligence this past Monday evening. We made some outstanding decisions on behalf of the students in our school district. The Courier did a nice article yesterday that covered both phase one of the elementary renovation project as well as our implementation of the statewide voluntary preschool program. Check it out right here.

While spring break provided a much needed respite for our faculty and staff, they were all hard at work again this week, picking up right where they left off. This week was extraordinarily busy as teachers wrap up the third quarter today and prepare for conferences next week. Although spring officially started on Monday, the cold days this week made if feel anything but spring!

My highlight of the week was the annual FFA banquet held last night. It is always a real treat to see the leadership that is exhibited by these young entrepreneurs. I always feel a little bit better about our democracy after these banquets, because it is very clear to me that we are in good hands with these future leaders! Congratulations and kudos to Mr. Deppe for his continued guidance and tutelage to these future leaders!

Another highlight of the week is happening today, as our middle school students are participating in the annual right of passage in Mr. Haskovec’s social studies class: NHD. The students have been working so hard in preparation for today’s event, in a little while Mr. Dieken and I plan to head over to the Grout museum to see fruits of their hard work.

This morning I had the honor of visiting some elementary classrooms. Unfortunately my forays into the classroom lately have been few and far between. With the demands of this office, I feel as though I have been chained to the desk! This morning was a great opportunity to remind myself what the point is of all our hard work and advocacy. We have outstanding teachers who are creating and implementing innovative instructional strategies and designing engaging projects that students are proud to share with the adults that love and care for them. The real winners in our efforts are squarely where they should be: with our students.

Have a great weekend, and remember my offer to meet with each of you next week is still open!

Dr. Anthony D. Voss, Superintendent