Friday Board Bulletin 4/14/17

Board Members:

I hope today finds you all well! Vacation is always a nice respite, and Ann and I enjoyed a great trip to Dallas, TX last week where the weather was warm, sunny, and in the mid 80s! One of the highlights of the trip was our visit to Richard Mohler. At 101 years of age, he is the oldest known living alum of Hudson Schools! You can read all about our visit right here!

It was an otherwise very busy week, as happens every year around this time. Indeed it will become more so as we close in on the end of the school year. This week we held our SIAC meeting on Monday evening where the entire administrative staff was present, and on Tuesday Mr. Dieken and I held our final Superintendent Advisory Committee of the year. I so enjoy meeting with these young people!

On the legislative front, we are rapidly approaching adjournment to this session. Education appropriations budgets have been released and much of the final work has been done with regard to policy. The flexibility bills have been amended on the Senate floor and sent back to the House where we expect they will receive approval before heading to the governor’s desk. The last day of per diem for legislators is April 18th, and we do anticipate legislators will wrap of their work by the end of the week. Probably the most unfortunate news of the week is the scrapping of the intensive summer reading program. While I am pleased the retention requirement was eliminated, I had really hoped for funding to meet the needs of struggling readers.

My picture for this week is from professional development Wednesday. In this photo, teachers are working to identify the strength of alignment of math instruction with the Iowa Core Academic Standards and evaluating formative assessment data that measures whether or not students have mastered the content. Those that did not, will receive supplemental instruction during ‘Pirate Time’, and those who have will receive instruction designed to extend this learning, also during Pirate Time.

Have a very Happy Easter and I look forward to seeing you Monday. Please remember, we meet at 4:00 in exempt session to discuss negotiation strategy. I’ll order pizza for us so dinner will be taken care of!

Dr. Anthony D. Voss, Superintendent