Friday Board Bulletin 4/21/17

Board Members:

It seems like it has been a really long week, but upon reflection we just got a lot done! Frankly, it seems like it has been longer than just Monday when we met! Nevertheless we had a very productive week. Perhaps most significant was the completion of contract negotiations. We have now begun the process of creating individual contracts for all our employees and cleaning up language in our handbooks and other contracts. This will be a very tedious process over the next several weeks, but we are certainly up to the challenge.

On Wednesday I had a meeting with the project manager for the first phase of our construction project where we were able to discuss staging and the beginning of the project. We have started to get some questions from teachers who will be impacted about where they can store their classroom stuff. We have rented a ‘pod’ for the summer and it will be delivered the week before school dismisses. I have provided additional direction to Mr. Schlatter and he will begin rolling out a plan and guidance to his staff next week.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to visit high school choir. Wow, those kids can sing! The work that Mr. Tecklenburg has been able to do this year can’t be understated. The complexity of the work he is doing with these youngsters is quite amazing. I do hope you will be able to find time in your schedule to attend the 7-12 concert, which is coming up on May 2nd!

Probably the best news of the week was the announcement of a proposed residential development in Hudson! This coupled with the other residential developments in town will be a boon to enrollment! Incredibly exciting for our school district.

The photo I am sharing this week is the announcement of Mrs. Uden as a Gold Star teacher of the year. Surprising these teachers is always a lot of fun, because they are most certainly surprised when we make the announcement! I can think of no one more deserving! Congratulations to Mrs. Uden. You can read the press release announcement in the Courier right here. Be sure to mark your calendars, the Gold Star ceremony will be held May 23rd at the Gallagher Bluedorn.

Dr. Anthony D. Voss, Superintendent