Friday Board Bulletin 4/28/17

Board Members:

Today’s cold snap probably doesn’t feel like it, but we are at the end of April, and when we return on Monday it will be May 1st! As is always the case this time of year, the calendar gets very busy as we close in on the end of the school year.

A highlight of the week has to be the elementary music concerts on Tuesday and Thursday evening! Although working the track meet on Monday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Trunck was a very close second!

On Wednesday evening I attended the public meeting regarding the residential development proposed north or Ranchero Road. The meeting was well attended with neighbors who will be impacted by this development. While I would suggest there is some opposition to this development, the dialogue was very respectful. Regardless of that, I believe everyone in the room understood that area is poised for development. There were some ideas shared about how to improve on the concept and the developer is taking that input into consideration. Ultimately it will be up to the city council to determine which concept gains approval. Nevertheless, this is a good move and plan not only for our school district but for the City of Hudson as well. I would imagine we are a good 12 months away from breaking ground to begin building streets so we have plenty of time to consider how we will manage the expected enrollment growth.

The photo that I am sharing this week depicts the winners of the annual Lions Club art contest. Under the guidance of art teacher Mrs. McNeal, these young ladies submitted posters that long for a more inclusive world where people of all backgrounds and colors are able to live together in harmony.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Dr. Anthony D. Voss, Superintendent