Friday Board Bulletin 5/11/18

Board Members:

It is hard to believe it, but this week is quickly coming to an end. Next week will be a very special and emotional week for our seniors as they complete finals and prepare for graduation. It is the culminating event of our school year!

Time was spent this week fine tuning our facility plan with the architects, and preparing for our community meeting next week. We plan to share the work that has been done with the feasibility study and master plan (you will recall reviewing this work during our April board meeting). I also spent some time with Piper Jaffrey reviewing bonding capacity options; in regard to both revenue bonding and general obligation bonding. For certain, the failure of the legislature to address SAVE this session complicates our plans. I’ll be very interested to hear the opinions of our community group when they meet on Monday.

As alluded to above, the legislature adjourned this past Saturday. While the biggest disappointment was a failure to get the SAVE extended past 2029, take solace in the fact that we’ll have another run at it next session. Some key legislative victories this session include a stop to vouchers (for now), increased flexibility, and at the last moment they did extend operational sharing incentives for another five years. It will still take some time for the dust to settle, as bills aren’t final until the governor signs them.

I believe the highlight of the week was the senior awards ceremony held on Wednesday afternoon. At this ceremony, the Class o 2018 was awarded nearly $700,000 in scholarships to pursue post-secondary education!

Have a wonderful weekend and I’ll look forward to seeing many of you at graduation parties. Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there!

Dr. Anthony D. Voss, Superintendent