Friday Board Bulletin 5/18/18

Board Members:

Yesterday was the final day of classes for our seniors, most of which headed down to the state track meet anyway. Each year Mr. Dieken and I are always impressed with the conduct of our senior class as they make a deliberate choice to exit with class (pun intended). Many schools do not have this luxury, and every year we hear stories of students in other districts making poor decisions as they prepare to enter the real world. All that being said, we will most definitely remain vigilant the next several days!

Monday afternoon we hosted our community meeting with the steering committee that has been helping with our master facility planning. A draft copy of that plan is included in the board packet, and the committee was very helpful and offered excellent insight and advice. We are poised to have an excellent discussion on Monday evening. Attending the meeting will be our architects to review the plan. Following that discussion, Travis Squires from Piper Jaffrey will visit with you. Piper Jaffrey is from our bonding company and we have used them as financial advisers for a number of years. They were our broker on the high school project.

Sunday is the culminating event of the school year and one that we have been working toward with these students for the last 13 years! Baccalaureate will begin at 2:00 and graduation will begin at 3:00. Please plan to meet at 2:30 in the little gym, which is where we will line up.

The photo I am sharing today is from earlier in the week. Working with Safe Routes to Schools, Mr. Schlatter organized a bicycle rodeo for our elementary students. The timing couldn’t be better as we get ready to send these youngsters off for the summer. And a great reminder to all of us that there will be a lot more bike traffic in the coming weeks.

I look forward to seeing you Sunday, and then again on Monday night. Please dress comfortably Monday night! Our air conditioning unit is still down so it will be very warm in the board room.

Dr. Anthony D. Voss, Superintendent