Friday Board Bulletin 5/4/18

Board Members:

It is so nice to have the sun shining today! The rain we had this week was certainly welcome, but now we can really start to look forward to seeing everything begin to bloom and turn green! Ann and I returned from our vacation last Saturday, so I have been back all week. It is a great feeling to have such an outstanding team here in the district that makes it possible for us to break away! That is not the case in a lot of places.

We are closing out a very busy week, one that began with an administrative team meeting and had numerous meetings sprinkled throughout. This included the final Central Rivers superintendent meeting of the year held on Wednesday this week. One of the highlights included a meeting with our architects on Wednesday afternoon to begin staging for phase two of our construction project. All systems are definitely go! A lot of the material is currently here and the contractor is ready to begin. In fact, they intend to begin deployment of resources on June 1st as soon as we can vacate the building and plan to begin demolition right away on June 4th.

So it got warm this week! Unfortunately we learned the air conditioning unit that handles the central office and east side of the middle school is down. Right now we are waiting on estimates for either fixing it or replacing it. I hope to have more information so we can make a decision on how best to proceed next week.

Rumor has it the legislature is planning to be finished over the weekend. For that to happen, a lot of work will need to be completed. A big piece of the puzzle is the tax reform bill that we have been hearing so much about, and it sounds as if they are planning to debate this bill tomorrow. Our operational sharing efforts and the SAVE legislation remains alive, but in order for them to get finished there will need to be some motivation on the part of the legislators. A lot of people I am hearing from are hopeful, but frankly I’m not quite as optimistic. Nonetheless, I anticipate we will have the answer to many of our questions by Monday.

I wanted to remind you of the ice cream social scheduled for Wednesday beginning promptly at 1:40. Because of some tight scheduling with afternoon professional development we will be moving this social to the middle school commons. Apparently we have some representatives from Central Rivers who will be here to work with staff on personalized professional development. So again, the ice cream social will be in the middle school commons.

I have continued to monitor the settlement averages for teacher compensation packages around the conference and with settlements being reported for 12/16 conference schools, the total package increase is right around 2.09%. The average base salary being reported from those schools is $36,381.

This morning the administrators and I hosted a couple of UNI undergrad students who are participating in a professional readiness program in advance of student teaching a year from now. We took these future teachers on a tour of the facility and I had a chance to peak into several classrooms. As you can see from this photo above, there is quite a bit of activity going on in the preschool this morning.

Have a great weekend, I look forward to seeing you on Wednesday!

Dr. Anthony D. Voss, Superintendent