Friday Board Bulletin 5/26/17

Board Members:

What an incredible week we have had here at Hudson! It began with a celebration of our Gold Star Teacher of the Year for 2017 on Tuesday night at the Gallagher Bluedorn and that was just the beginning of the week! On Wednesday I learned that Mr. Schlatter has been named the elementary principal of the year by School Administrators of Iowa for the Central Rivers region. Congratulations to both of these outstanding employees on their accomplishments!

The only wrinkle in the week has been that my secretary, Anne Miller announced her retirement yesterday. As you may be aware, her mother recently passed away and she would like more time to spend with her father and enjoy spending time with her grandkids! The search to replace Anne has begun and I expect this to be a very sought after position. While on the subject of searches, I am in the process of searching for a daytime custodian to replace Mr. Dufel and hope to have that filled by the end of next week. Since our board meeting, Mr. Schlatter has filled the open first grade position. And after one of our third grade teachers submitted her resignation, he has subsequently filled that position as well. At this point we are closely monitoring kindergarten and I believe we are at 53 students right now. We will need to make a decision about kindergarten very soon. Interviews for the open high school positions will hopefully begin to gain some steam after school dismisses. Right now the search for FCS is elusive! Mr. Dieken and I will be meeting with our counterparts at North Tama at the end of next week to consider our strategy moving forward.

Of course I have to address the fact we are rapidly closing in on the end of the school year, and that of course means Pirate Term. This is an incredible learning experience for our students and is a unit of study that is unique to Hudson. As you know, each of our instructors designs a competency based unit of instruction and works with a group of students all day long for the final six days of school on a hands on project, diving deep into a content and topic area of their choosing. ​

In the photo above, Mr. Simmer and his students are at the Garden of Memories placing flags at the grave sites of our Veterans. It is important to note that Mr. Simmer’s Pirate Term is a study of the military and includes an in depth study of all things military. Over the course of the week they are able to do a multitude of activities that included an overnight trip to Camp Dodge in Des Moines. Many of our students describe Pirate Term as fun, and I would concur for the most part it is indeed. But today served as a poignant reminder of the sacrifice our men and women in uniform make on our behalf–and that can’t be understated.
As Mr. Dieken and I were leaving the cemetery I noticed a headstone for a soldier who was born in 1947 and died in 1967. At twenty years of age, he wasn’t a lot older than these students who were placing flags. And of course in 1967 the United States was deeply engaged in Vietnam. It reminds me of the phrase, ‘All gave some..some gave all.’
Have a great weekend and enjoy this Memorial Day! We are down to our last day and a half! To check out many more photos and video from Pirate Term, please visit my Twitter Feed. You can also use the hashtags #hudsonschools or #PirateTerm2017 in your search query.
Dr. Anthony D. Voss, Superintendent