Friday Board Bulletin 5/5/17

Board Members:

Hello May! It is very nice to see the sunshine and leaves on the trees! I am very hopeful that very soon I will have grass as well. I ran home for lunch today and my wife tells me that she saw a few blades of grass!

Planning for the 2017-2018 school year has consumed a great deal of time this week, and we are getting into the prime hiring season. This week Mark and his team have been busy interviewing candidates for our 6th grade teaching position and we hope to have someone in place for that spot early next week. I do know that we had a large number of qualified candidates. The search for an FCS teacher to replace Mr. Halupnick is elusive, but goes on nonetheless! We have also begun to see some turnover in our classified staffing positions and have posted for custodians, paraprofessionals, and some other miscellaneous positions.

We also landed on a plan for preschool transportation next year that we think will be a good place to start. Preschool students will be able to ride regular routes in the morning and afternoon, but in the afternoon will not be dropped off unless an adult is there to meet the youngster. We also plan to run a mid-day route to all the registered childcare providers in town and to Country Terrace. At this time we don’t plan to charge a fee for midday transportation but may need to revisit that at some point. This should at least give us a good starting point. With that, I would like to consider purchasing a used 15 passenger school bus to be used almost exclusively for preschool transportation. I would recommend doing this in lieu of a new van for the fleet this fall. A person with a Class D license would be able to drive this route, of which we have several of those qualified drivers already.

Tuesday evening we held our 7-12 band and vocal concert, which was phenomenal! I am so impressed with how well our kids performed that night. I think all who were there agree this was an excellent concert and is a testament to our new music instructors that were hired this year!

The photo that I am sharing with you this week is from the 6th grade math bee held on Tuesday at AEA 267. Over the course of the morning, students were administered a number of timed tests before a final exam at the end where they were encouraged to work together as a group. We took two teams for a total of eight participants. Six of those participants advanced to the next round, which will be held later in the month.
Have a great weekend!
Dr. Anthony D. Voss, Superintendent