Friday Board Bulletin 7/21/17

Board Members:

Thank you for your work and commitment during our meeting on Monday night. I found our discussion to be quite useful and provides good advice for moving forward on several issues here at the school. As a start, Mr. Schlatter has contacted candidates for the open kindergarten teaching position and has five interviews lined up for next week.

Speaking of interviews and open positions, Mr. Harms submitted his letter of resignation on Wednesday. He has decided to retire. I was very clear with the faculty that resignations wouldn’t be as simple as they had been in the past due to the fact that we have been caught short handed as a result. My communication back to him was that my recommendation to the Board would be to accept his resignation contingent on our ability to find a suitable replacement. Truthfully we shouldn’t have trouble finding anyone, PE teachers are plentiful. The fact is I have had two contacts already and we haven’t posted the position yet. Nevertheless, it is a wrinkle in the start of the school year for sure.

Tuesday and Wednesday I was in Des Moines for a couple of meetings and conferences. Tuesday I had an opportunity to work with new superintendents during the new superintendent conference sponsored by SAI. I will be mentoring a new superintendent again this year. This will be the third school superintendent that I have had the honor of shepherding through their first year in a district. I am becoming one of the more senior members of our conference if you can believe it! Holy smoke! On Wednesday was the IASB fiscal conference. One of the topics I was most interested in hearing more about was salary structures outside the traditional indexed salary schedule. I feel that I now have a good place to start in my study of this issue!

Construction is really starting to pick up steam. Lights are being installed today and the painters have been here the last several days. The windows in the gym are finished and the rest of the windows are scheduled to be here by Wednesday at the latest. With most of the work wrapping up in the high school by the end of next week (cleaning), I’ll be putting all our resources on this side of the street. Summer school ended today, so we will be hitting the middle school hard beginning Monday.

I think the most exciting news has to be the baseball team qualifying for the state tournament. They play tomorrow at 11 at Principal Park in Des Moines. Our team has had quite a remarkable post-season, entering district play at 14-16. They got hot and have been on fire ever since! Let’s hope they have a good solid run in the tournament! I also would like to point out that Coach Joe Bahnsen has been named the Ed Thomas Coach of the Week on CBS2. They did a nice spot on the channel 2 news last night. You can check it out here.

I’ll be tied up with Hudson Days and the parade so will not be able to attend this round. I’ll be hosting Richard Mohler beginning at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning in my office. You may recall that at 101, Richard is the oldest known living alumnus of Hudson schools! He’ll be one of the grand marshals of the parade. If you would like to meet Richard, please stop by my office around 9:00!

The picture I am sharing this week is of the Pirates immediately after they defeated Kee High 10-5 in the sub state final to advance to the state tournament. This is our first appearance at the state tournament since 2002!

Dr. Anthony D. Voss, Superintendent