Friday Board Bulletin 7/28/17

Board Members:

I hope you all were able to enjoy Hudson Days this past weekend! It turned out to be pretty humid, but I think the cloud cover ensured it didn’t get quite as hot as we had anticipated. That was great news! My daughter and son-in-law joined Ann and I for the day on Saturday and three of my grand kids had a great time! I do think one of the highlights was Richard Mohler’s participation as an honorary grand marshal. You may recall that at 101 years of age he is the oldest known living alumnus of Hudson Schools and represented the Class of 1933! We were excited to have Ron Steele cover this story for us! If you haven’t had a chance to see his story, you can check it out right here.

On Monday night the city council approved the second reading of an ordinance to rezone the A-1 land on Ranchero Road to make way for a residential development with a vote of 4-1. One final vote of the council remains before engineering of the property and platting of the lots can begin. There is opposition from the neighbors who live on Ranchero directly to the South of the proposed development. While we are a few years from seeing homes begin to be built in this area, it will be a positive move for our school district and undoubtedly lead to an increase in enrollment. It is worth noting the neighbors on Ranchero Road are not opposed to residential development to the North of them, but they are opposed to the current concepts being studied. If you are asked about the proposal, my recommendation to you as a Board would be that we are supportive of development, but not to make an endorsement of a particular concept. Instead defer to the wisdom of the city council, city planners, and planning and zoning commission. Those are the individuals with the most knowledge and expertise with regard to how best to utilize this land.

We are in search of a daytime custodian again. With a new hire, this will make the third such hire for this position in the last two months. Our first hire lasted two days, and the second three weeks! Gordy and I interviewed three candidates this week and will evaluate our options on Monday to see if one of those candidates will work for us. In other personnel news, Mr. Schlatter offered a kindergarten teaching position to a candidate last night and she accepted. We are developing a nice pool of candidates for our open PE teaching position and I anticipate that position being filled without too much trouble. No news on the FCS position yet, although I am in the process of running down a lead!

Crunch time is now upon us with the buildings! We are at the end of July and the principals will be returning next week. There is still quite a bit to do, and the construction is really going to be down to the wire (although we are on track for completion). Once we get the high school finished, I plan to divert all resources to the elementary. We anticipate having the South end of project turned back over to us in two weeks at the latest, so I’ll have the crew focus on that area as a priority. Today at noon we’ll have the state electrical inspection and as soon as that is completed they’ll finish the ceiling. I’m told that part will go very fast! At last check, the windows were scheduled to arrive today so hopefully that will begin today as well.

Finally, thank you all for taking the time to visit with me about power washing the high school. I have moved that project forward and the contractor has tentatively scheduled that work to begin on Monday.

Dr. Anthony D. Voss, Superintendent