Friday Board Bulletin 8/11/17

Board Members:

Today we welcomed our brand new teachers to the district as part of our induction and mentoring week activities. Ready or not, here we go! This morning was spent on technology and communication procedures, followed up with a tour of our community and district facilities. These teachers had the afternoon to work in their classrooms.

The custodians have been hard at work trying to stay right behind the construction. On Monday we turned over the South end of the project to our maintenance crew and this afternoon the waxing of those floors was completed. All the major components are completed. Right now we are waiting for the ramp railing to come, which is scheduled for Monday. The floor still needs to be heat welded and the cove base and stair treads installed, but beyond that, we are basically looking at punch list items.

On Monday evening we had our SIAC meeting, which always seems to come up sooner than expected, and almost catches us off guard. We had a decent turnout, in spite of the fact that our attendees had to maneuver through a labyrinth of construction to get to the elementary library. I thought the discussion was helpful; the minutes of that meeting are included in the board packet for your review.

This afternoon I had my first NICL superintendent meeting of the school year. If that isn’t enough to alert us to the fact that the start of school is just around the corner, I don’t know what is! This monthly meeting takes a brief hiatus during the summer, so it was good to see colleagues and collaborate on issues of mutual importance.

That is all for now! Next week we will continue with our induction and mentoring program through Thursday. Once again this year we will be hosting a teacher luncheon on Thursday at noon in the middle school commons. I would love to see you there, if you are able to make it, please let Sheila know in my office so we have an accurate lunch count.

The balance of the faculty and staff will return one week from today! Have an awesome weekend!

Dr. Anthony D. Voss, Superintendent