Friday Board Bulletin 8/1/13

Board Members:

A little early this week—planning on taking the day off tomorrow.

Administrators returned to the office today and are busy making preparations for the beginning of the school year. It is nice to have them back! The maintenance department continues to put the finishing touches on the buildings this week and hopefully will have everything finished by the early part of next week. It is amazing how much has been done in just this last week! For all practical purposes phase one of the North parking lot is complete. All that remains is finish grading and seeding, which we will delay to coincide with the fall grass planting season. Hawkeye Alarm has been in the district the last couple of days and is working on the new security system. This project should also be finished up by the end of next week at the latest, barring any unforeseen problems.

There have been five candidates file for the school board election. The deadline for filing was today at 5:00 PM. Those who have filed are: incumbent board president Jerry Griffith, Dave Ball (Director of Admissions, Recruitment, and Student Life at Hawkeye Community College), Liz Folladori (Citizen), Jason Carter (Morning Anchor of Today in Iowa, KWWL) and Traci Trunck (Manager of Cost Management, Tractor Platform for the Agriculture and Turf Division). I will run an article on my blog sharing more information about these candidates on August 7th. I am also in the process of setting up a candidate workshop that will be used to brief all the candidates on the role of the school board along with some of the current issues we have been working on. I will also propose we attend the ABLE training this fall after the new members have been seated.

The State Board of Education met on August 1st to discuss the early start date waiver process and decided that they would not take up the issue! This is great news, and somewhat of a surprise to me! Although we are good for now, I would expect this issue is far from over and that the legislature will be wading into the debate during this next legislative session. Be sure to  check out my interview with KWWL on the evening news regarding this issue.

Anthony D. Voss, Superintendent