Friday Board Bulletin 8/18/17

Board Members:

The faculty and staff returned to the district today for the kick-off to the 2017-2018 academic year. My opening message was one that invited our employees to consider their legacy and ponder the question, “How do you wish to be remembered?” The balance of the morning was then spent on crisis training. Mr. Bell and his safety committee did a great job of updating our manuals and procedures. We also spent a couple of hours with the leader of the Black Hawk County SWAT team who provided the first segment of ALICE training for our employees. The afternoon was spent in building level meetings led by the principals.

Yesterday afternoon the remainder of the classrooms were turned over to the custodians for cleaning and they spent yesterday and today working hard to finish them up. We are on the final punch list now, the floor installers and painters will be in the district on Monday and Tuesday to finish their work. It looks like we will finish the project right on time! Substantial completion is scheduled for Monday, and frankly we are at substantial completion at this point.

The photo I am sharing from this morning is during the social prior to my opening message. The Community Church of Hudson was gracious enough to sponsor this light breakfast of donuts and coffee for our employees. We are always grateful for the support from our local churches. On Monday, the staff will be treated to their annual breakfast at the Methodist church.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Dr. Anthony D. Voss, Superintendent