Friday Board Bulletin 9/1/17

Board Members:

As we prepare for a board transition in September, I did want to alert you that I have Senator Danielson scheduled to attend this meeting. Usually I try to avoid the September meeting because of the ceremonial and organizational tasks that we need to complete, but under the circumstances this was the best option. Normally we would dismiss the retiring board immediately following the swearing in, but I would like to request our retiring members stick around through the visit with Senator Danielson. Since the current board is the one that set the legislative priorities and has the most background knowledge on our platform, I believe you could offer valuable insight to our new board. Yesterday I did have the opportunity to meet with Senator Danielson for breakfast and he has been fully briefed on our legislative platform. Representative Rogers is tentatively scheduled to join us in November.

The first full week of school is wrapping up, and we have been very pleased with the start we have had. At this point most of our classrooms have established routines and we have the balance of the scheduling issues that are the mainstay of school starting resolved.

We are also excited to be on the eve of preschool starting! Next Tuesday will be a benchmark day for Hudson Schools as our statewide voluntary preschool launches. Yesterday morning we met to run through our logistical transportation needs and believe everything is set. We even got the bus out of the bus barn to do a dry run!

Finally, yesterday afternoon was spent in board member orientation. I was grateful that all our candidates for school board took the time to meet yesterday afternoon. I did remind them several times that, although the information presented to them may be a bit overwhelming, they would have a lot of help and guidance!

The picture that I am sharing this week is from the football game last Friday night and is of the Pirate marching band. As a point of reference, we don’t have a member of the faculty that can recall the last time we fielded a marching band! It is super exciting to be bringing this experience for our musicians back to Hudson!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Dr. Anthony D. Voss, Superintendent