Friday Board Bulletin 9/22/17

Thank you for a great meeting on Monday night! We accomplished a lot of organizational tasks and set the stage for wider discussions in the future. I am looking forward to working with this board! The board page has been updates with a great photo and assignments. You can check it out right here. While you’re at it, be sure to check out the feature article on the front page of the website. Finally, I would encourage you to read Board Member Emeritus Jerry Griffith’s reflection on his service to the district. I think you will find it both inspiring and exciting as you look forward to the impact you are sure to have on the children in our district. You’ll have a chance to read Liz Folladori’s reflection in next week’s blog.
I had a lot of windshield time this week, way more than I like! Tuesday I found myself in Des Moines at SAI (School Administrators of Iowa) with my mentee. I always think it is important to help out the junior superintendent’s in the state as they begin their career in executive school administration. Those early days can be tough and it is always nice to have someone to call when you get into a bind. Plus it is a great networking opportunity for school districts! By the way, Dr. Horn sends his regards. He has very fond memories of his time in Hudson! I was back in the district on Wednesday before returning to Des Moines on Thursday to prepare for ISFLC (Iowa Superintendent’s Finance and Leadership Consortium). My work with ISFLC centers around preparation and presentation of a school district’s budget. This meeting yesterday gave me an opportunity to visit with representatives from the Iowa Department of Management and hear about changes to the foundation formula that will be implemented during the next budget cycle, and to provide input into the layout of the file.
I would be remiss if not to remind everyone that it is homecoming here at Hudson! It has been a fun week for all of our students P-12 as they have had special days each day of the week. The photo that I am including is all of our elementary students on color day. You can see here they posed for a rainbow picture out by the track. Today we will have our elementary pep rally at 1:30 and the high school pep rally at 2:25 in the Competition gym if you are interested. I’ll also point out the high school will be having a ‘tail gate’ over the noon hour. If you want a burger or something I am sure we can accommodate that! If you are still hungry after that, head down to the fire station for the Chamber of Commerce chili supper. (I know what you are thinking, its going to be like 90 degrees outside!) After that, make you way back to the school where our 4-0 Pirates will take on the Wolverines of GMG at 7:00.
Dr. Anthony D. Voss