Friday Board Bulletin 9/8/17

Board Members:

We have had short but productive week. The biggest accomplishment by far has to be the launch of our preschool program on Tuesday morning. After a year of planning that was fraught with roadblocks, it was great to see this program finally get off the ground Tuesday morning. I do think one of our biggest assets for this program is the transportation component. At this time we are only running a midday route, which includes dropoffs at all of our registered childcare centers in town, and to Country Terrace where we drop off and pick up. We are also allowing preschool children to ride the regular bus if they are accompanied by a sibling AND a parent or guardian is at the stop to meet them on arrival. With just a few days in, I think this has been quite successful. I do anticipate our transportation service will grow in the future.

This was also a big week in terms of completing our first round of state reporting. Both the CASA plan and the Title IIA application were filed, and we anticipate the CAR and SES will be finished by the end of the day. That is great news since these reports aren’t officially due until next Friday. Very quickly our attention will turn to the October reports, the biggest among them being certified enrollment.

Wednesday was also a very busy day as we had our first AEA superintendent meeting of the year. This was my first time in the new building since it had been purchased by the newly named ‘Central Rivers AEA’. I know the purchase of the building was met with questions by some in the Cedar Valley, but I’ll tell you what, they did an outstanding job on this facility. Further, I don’t think there is anything wrong with having nice facilities for our educators! (I am also not going to complain the new AEA building is about 5 minutes from my office!) Anyway, I digress. This year AEA leadership has been deliberate about providing superintendents with great professional development in tandem with our monthly business meeting. This past Wednesday we were treated to the nationally know speaker George Couros. He was excellent! But hey, don’t take my word for it, Just ask Maureen Hanson, who was in attendance! As you are aware, Maureen is serving a term on the AEA Board of Directors. It was great to see you there, Maureen!

If you are looking for entertainment tonight, I would recommend the football game at 7:00 against Colfax-Mingo. Our Hudson Pirates enter tonight at 2-0 and are currently ranked #9 by the Des Moines Register.

The picture I am sharing this week is from the first day of preschool. It is great to see this classroom full of youngsters! You can read all about our journey to preschool and my reflections on the process in this week’s blog.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Dr. Anthony D. Voss, Superintendent