Because Everybody Needs a Buddy: Hudson Elementary Fights Loneliness

No one wants to be alone. That’s why on September 11th, Hudson added a bench to its playground.

Schools around the country have started to install similar benches at their elementary schools. This isn’t any ordinary bench, though. This is a Buddy Bench.

According to, Buddy Benches were first introduced by a little boy named Christopher, who found the idea from a school in Germany. Christopher’s family was planning on moving to Germany, and he discovered the Buddy Bench while looking for schools. Although he didn’t move, Christopher brought the idea to his school in America instead. Since then more than 2,000 benches have been constructed in America alone.

Sadly, there is a need. According to the April 4th, 2016, edition of The Washington Post, more than 80 percent of kids from ages eight to 10 report being lonely sometime in school. Hudson hopes this bench will fix that.

“I think that it will help new students the most if they are lonely to make a new friend,” said fifth-grader Amelia Klenk. Hudson Elementary kids like Klenk have been taught the bench’s purpose and what they should do if they see someone sitting on it in guidance class.

“I actually hope it is not used that often,” said elementary guidance counselor Robert Driscol, who helped establish Hudson’s bench. “That would mean everyone has someone to play with.”

At the end of the day, Driscol’s goal is to make a difference for at least one person. Said Driscol, “Even if the bench only helps one student in our whole school, the bench will be well worth it.”

article and photo by sophomore Jenna Twait