Hudson Elementary celebrates steady enrollment, future growth

article and photo by sophomore Jenna Twait

While some smaller schools in Iowa may be experiencing a decline in enrollment, Hudson is standing strong.

As of  May 14th, Principal Mark Schlatter is anticipating the 2018-2019 school year will include 61 kindergarteners, 55 first graders, 59 second graders, 50 third graders, 64 fourth graders, 58 fifth graders, and 67 sixth graders.

With these numbers, each grade is currently at three sections, but Dr. Tony Voss, superintendent for Hudson Schools, said at the April 16th school board meeting he could see Hudson becoming a four-section district in the future.

Voss, who predicts an increase of 2-2.5%, said growth is dependent on other factors.

“Enrollment projections are unknown, partially based on new housing developments and partially based on current cohorts,” explained Voss in an April interview with The Pirate Press.

At the elementary, the potential growth is prompting discussion of expanding the building and adding new teachers.

“We still have room to grow, and I am not too worried because we are good problem-solvers,” said Schlatter.

He remains optimistic about what this all means for the district. “Hudson is in a good place,” said Schlatter, “and I see good things ahead for our community and our school system.”

For more on how the district is preparing for growth, see the May 17th edition of The Pirate Press, found in this week’s Hudson Herald.