Hudson graduates the Class of 2018

Hudson graduates the Class of 2018

by sophomore Jenna Twait

On Sunday, May 21st , 43 seniors ended their journey at Hudson. Though one of Hudson’s smallest classes, their accomplishments were big.

Four seniors committed to continuing their sport careers in Division 3 athletics, two in Division 1, and two in a junior college.

Seven seniors received special recognition during the ceremony for their academic achievement.  Senior Wes Geisler was named  valedictorian,  senior Katelyn Pint was named salutatorian, and seniors CJ Christopher, Grace Jorgensen, Olivia Kolterman, Abby Lashbrook, Lane Marlow, and Caleb McCullough were recognized  for their 3.9 composite GPAs.

Over half of the senior class wore cords, stoles, and medals to represent their achievement. The entire class stood to be recognized for receiving some type of scholarship.

Geisler gave the graduation speech. In it, Geisler celebrated all the class has accomplished.

Ten seniors led the school into a 2nd place finish at state football, two led the girls to Hudson’s first-ever state championship in cross country, and eight led the boys track team to get Hudson’s first-ever state trophy as second place. Individually, there was one state champion wrestler and one Drake Relays champion.

Geisler ended with a profound realization: “As I listed our class’s success stories, it dawned on me-   how dedicated each student was to their area of expertise, whether it be school work, a specific organization, or athletics.”

Despite their long list of accolades, Geisler said the class would be remembered for so much more: “What won’t be forgotten is the type of people that we were.”