NHD was another success once again this season!  The 7th and 8th grade presented on an assortment of topics ranging from the Sullivan Brothers, the Little Rock Nine, Pearl Harbor, Child Labor, as well as, the Rath Meat Packing Plant.  Every single student was required to connect with an outside source for information.  Some students contacted local museums across the United States, while others set up phone interviews with potential primary sources.  The amount of real-world application and critical thinking skill work that goes into these projects unlocks the potential in students.

All in all, the Pirates sent 13 state qualifiers including:
State Qualifiers front row left to right:  Gwen Schaeffer, Brody King, Caroline Mitchell, Madison Michaels, and Jasmine Oleson
Back row left to right:  Blake Carolyn, Ryan Peck, Drew Hansen, Joel Herring, Luke Kuehl, Beau Smith, Lily Johnson, Madalyn Fish, Mr. Haskovec
At state competition, Ryan Peck advanced to the finals round in the individual documentary category.  Ryan was one of the state’s top six individual documentaries.
Anytime you can expose students to opportunities like this program (National History Day), you create avenues for kids.  The ability to research and pick a topic that you are interested in, as well as, determine the path or project method—the more potential there is for intrinsic motivation to learn about history.
As a follow-up to all of the tasks leading up to the final project, students are also learning about all 50 topics using EDpuzzle video sessions.  We have been focusing on one a week and will wrap up the third installment in late April.  Stepping out of the traditional mold into a world that brings history to them in a bit more user friendly way.
Thank you to all that attended our annual open house to view all of the projects!  A big thank you to Ms. Smelser and the Hudson Public Library for all of their assistance in getting students resources!
If you get a chance….stop over and view the 2018 NHD video:
Mr. Haskovec
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Jake Yoder, Karter Krapfl, Sophie Schneider, Addison Grady, and Kami Koelling
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Maddie Hansen and Mckenzie Christopher:

Izzy Jorgensen, Zariah Strong, and Calli Heinzerling

Beau Smith