NHS Promotes Dance Marathon

The Hudson chapter of National Honor Society is hosting a high school mini dance marathon sponsored by the UNI organization. This event will be held on Friday, February 23 from 6pm-10pm in the high school commons and high school gym.

A dance marathon is a movement involving college and high school students at more than 300 schools across North America, all raising money for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospital in their community. At our event, a mini dance marathon, we will have food, games, and of course dancing, along with speakers that will share their miracle stories.

Hudson students grades 9-12 are allowed to attend. The price of admission is $5.00. Parents and community members can help our cause by donating at this link.

We will donate all of the proceeds on March 3rd at UNI Dance Marathon event. They will then send the proceeds to the Children’s Miracle Network and the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital.