Pirate Term Right Around the Corner

Pirate Term is right around the corner. ┬áPirate term is concept based learning opportunity that takes place at the end of the school year (some of you may be familiar with May Term at the college level). Don’t mistake concept based learning as something that’s only “conceptual” or “fluff” learning- many students will be exploring, designing, building, manufacturing, etc. This type of learning creates connections to students prior experiences and finds relevance.┬á Students will think beyond the “facts” and connect factual knowledge of ideas to solve problems and create new ideas. Teachers will truly facilitate learning rather than teach about a topic.

During Pirate Term, students in the high school will concentrate on one offering; something they wouldn’t normally have an opportunity to explore in a typical small school setting.┬á Some offerings include: Scuba Diving, Animal Science, Acting Company, Military Exploration, Health Lifestyles, and many more.┬á Enrollment started with Juniors and continued down from there.┬á Students picked┬átheir top three choices, but were only enrolled in one class that will meet for 5+┬ádays (40 hours). ┬áStudents will receive a .5 enrichment elective credit.

Junior High students are also involved in a Pirate Term experience, but will have several different service experiences with organizations like: Northeast Iowa Foodbank, Salvation Army, Boy/Girls Club, Humane Society, and YMCA to name a few.  Students will travel to these locations and participate in various opportunities supporting their community.

Teachers have been brainstorming, preparing, collaborating, and writing curriculum for nearly seven months to prepare.  Many have contacted outside resources to help complement the experience for students.  Pirate Term is May 23-May 31.