State Required CPR Training

High School students grades 9-11 will be taking Iowa Assessments on February 7th from 8:10 A.M. to 11:10 A.M.  During that time seniors must report for mandatory CPR training.  For information on testing or CPR training for seniors, please contact the HS office at 319-988-4226

Seniors do not have to take the Iowa Assessments, some may need to report for their college classes (students should check with their HCC instructors). All seniors should report to the HS Gym at 9:00A.M. for State required CPR training (Healthy Kids Act, Senate File 2425). Beginning with the Class of 2012 students must have participated in a CPR training program. This program must be of the kind that can lead to CPR certification. There is no cost for this initial training and achieving certification status is not required of the students. The ARMY National Guard has been assisting with student training.

In the event of a school delay, students should report to school as normally expected under inclement weather conditions. Testing will be moved to a later date.