Hudson Connected Learning Initiative

Keep checking back for updates! (Updated 8/31/17)

REMINDER: Hot and cold temperatures affect your computer!¬†Make sure you don’t leave your computer in your car overnight as it may damage the internal electronics.

So the MacBook is coming home, now what? <—Click for helpful information for Parents and Students!

UPDATE: Technology Breakdown- Shaping the Educational Landscape in the Hudson Community Schools!

  • Grades 7-12 – Macbook Air laptops (Can take computers home).
  • Grades 5-12 – Macbook Air laptops (Computers stay at school).
  • Grades 3-4 –¬†iPads (iPads stay at school)
  • Grades k-2 –¬†iPad cart¬†access and 3 computer labs. ¬†

ATTENTION 2017-18 7th Grade Students (parent/guardian must attend): During the evening open house on Aug. 21st, seventh graders (and 7-12 students new to the district) must attend the Connected Learning Roll Out meeting at 6:00P.M. in the high school auditorium. All paperwork and a $50 deposit will need to be completed before a laptop will be issued.  The meeting should only run 10-15 minutes and will consist of a sign-in process, informational video, and FAQ paperwork.  Again, please attend.  Questions, call the JH office at 988-3233 ext 344.  All 7th and 8th grade students will be issued computers on Aug 23rd. (This is different than the HS roll-out).

20131205_095342ATTENTION 2017-18 FRESHMAN, SOPHOMORE, JUNIOR, AND SENIOR STUDENTS (parents do not need to attend):  If your paperwork is complete and you have made your $50 deposit; student laptops will be handed out on August 21st during the evening open house from 5:00-7:00PM.  Students in grades 9-12 should report to their seminar teacher.  For 7-12 students new to the district, you and a parent or guardian should attend the new student/seventh grade Connected Learning Roll Out meeting in the junior high auditorium @ 6:00PM.

Some students may have been billed for damages to their computers.  If your bill is still outstanding, the student laptop will not be issued until the bill is paid.  Reminder a $50 deposit must be maintained each year.


We are excited to give you the chance to use Canvas, our online portal to your students’ classes, so that you can see grades, assignment dues dates, announcements, and other course content. This will allow you to be informed about your students’ educational lives in ways that you never have before. 

Before you get started, you will need a few things:

1) A computer with internet access Рthe registration process cannot be done on mobile devices
2)¬†Your student’s Canvas username and password – your student will need to provide this information to you; the school does not have access to student passwords.
3) An email address to use as your parent login

Please watch the video at to see how the registration process works; when you‚Äôre ready to register, go to and click the ‚ÄúParent of a Canvas User?‚ÄĚ link.

We hope you enjoy this access to the Hudson Canvas environment. The window for parents to sign up ends on January 23, so sign up today!

DEPOSIT CLARIFICATION: After a discussion with our auditors, it was determined that it would be more appropriate to collect a refundable deposit rather than a fee going forward. Again this year we are collecting a refundable deposit for the laptop computers. This deposit will be refundable at the conclusion of the school year or may be rolled forward to the next school year if your child will continue to be a student at Hudson High School. In the event there is any damage to the computer, the deposit will be forfeited. A $50 deposit must be maintained each year. Please remember that students will not be permitted to take computers home until the deposit is paid and that waivers are not available for this deposit.  Each computer will require a refundable deposit.  

At the end of the year, computers will be collected, cleaned, and assessed for damage.  Students will be billed for damage to their laptop computer.

Don’t forget to read the Hudson 1to1 Project Handbook.¬† You will be responsible for the information contained in that document.

MacBook Air Cover Protective covers are not provided, but encouraged as they will help protect the computer shell and keep it clean.  Many skin/covers include a latex keyboard cover that protects the keyboard from dust and grime. Please do not purchase adhesive skins or stickers.

Get your questions answered here: Hudson 1to1FAQ

Click the links below for information and duplicate 1:1 Roll-out forms: These forms, with the exception of the Handbook, will be mailed with the registration packets. They should be competed with registration materials whether or not you wish to allow your student to bring home a student laptop.