Pirate News from the Desk of Mr. Schlatter (Nov 24th)

Pirate News from the desk of Mr. Schlatter (Nov 24th)

Hi everyone,

I hope this newsletter finds everyone healthy. Last week, a bug was taking a serious bite out of many of our little ones. Hopefully, it has run its course and won’t derail anyone’s Thanksgiving plans.

This week brings the end of November. With that being said, hold on to your hat because Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner. It will be amazing how fast the next three weeks will come at us.

In closing, I hope that everyone has a chance to reconnect with family and friends as we celebrate Thanksgiving and reflect on the many blessings that we have:0) Travel safely and we’ll look forward to seeing everyone back on Monday, the FIRST of December. Have a great week and a blessed Thanksgiving.

                                                                  Mr. Schlatter

School Alerts
As winter approaches, we encourage everyone to sign up for School Alerts. This service will send informational text messages directly to your phone and will help keep you up to date on any weather related school closings, delays or changes in school activities.

If you haven’t signed up for this service yet, go to the Hudson website at www.hudsonpiratepride.com and you will find the school alerts button. Click on this button and follow the prompts. Before you know it, you’ll be ready to go.

      Health Policies
As I said in my introduction, we saw a rash of little ones headed towards Mrs. Brandhorst’s office last week as there were a lot of little ones complaining about having headaches and quite a few reports of students vomiting. With that being said, we thought this would be a good time to remind everyone of three of our main health policies/practices. Here they are…

  1. Children running a fever of 100 degrees or more will be sent home as this temperature signifies that the child is not feeling well and is probably contagious. Children sent home with fevers are asked to stay home until they can keep their temperature down below 100 degrees for a 24 hour period without the use of medicine.
  2. Children who vomit are asked to stay home for at least 24 hours after their last vomiting episode. Do note that any child that vomits in school or on the school bus will be sent home.
  3. A reminder that any medicines brought to school must come in their original prescription bottle or container.

Thank you to everyone for honoring these policies and for helping us keep our school as healthy as we can. We recognize that sick children disrupt a parent’s schedule, but we also know that sick children don’t learn at their highest potential. So, let’s continue to work together as we start to manuever through the cold/flu season.

Reminder of our New Before School Procedures
With the arrival of colder weather, icy conditions and windchills below zero, we have changed our Before School routine. In the morning, students will head to the big gym at 7:45 rather than out to the playgroundl.  This means that when students arrive to school, they will be directed to take their things to the small gym, drop them off in the designated area, and then go to the big gym.  Students are not to head to their lockers or walk the halls until the 8:00 bell rings.

*** Students eating breakfast will head to breakfast as usual and then down to the big gym if time permits.

Reminder of our Outside Recess Protocol
As cold weather and snow rolls in, I wanted to remind you of our outside recess protocols. Students will go outside for recess UNLESS the actual temperature or windchill temperature is below 0 degrees according to the Hudson Schools Weatherbug system which gives us up-to-date on site weather conditions.

Because students will be heading outside, it is very important that they come with hats, snowpants, boots, and gloves. Students not having all these items will still be sent outside, but may have their outside activity restricted depending on the conditions.

Winter weather brings new challenges to the playground. We recognize that kids love snow and are tempted to slide in it, throw it and push people down in it. With that being said, here are a few seasonal recess rules.

  • No throwing snow balls
  • No pushing on the snow hills. Students may slide on the hills as long as they sit on their bottoms, feet first.
  • No sliding on the ice
  • No playing on equipment that may be exceedingly slick or deemed unsafe for the day by the playground supervisiors. As parents, here are a couple suggestions. You might want to make sure that your child brings home their winter gear at least twice a week so that it can be dried out. Some students chose to leave much of their winter gear here at school and that’s okay because it’s always here. The difficulty with this practice is that many things go into lockers wet and don’t always have a chance to really dry out and this has a tendency to create an odor problem.
  • You might consider sending an extra set of clothes (especially socks) to school during the winter months. That way if your child’s clothes get wet, they can change into a dry set. Put your child’s names on their things. That will help us return lost items to their respectful owners.

Holiday Food Drive Continues
This week our Holiday food drive continues. This annual event collects food and distributes it to local families from within our school community that could use a little extra help during the holiday season. So during the upcoming weeks, please consider helping us out if you can.  As y9ou can see, this week we are collecting Boxed goods.

November 24 -28 – Boxed goods

December 1- 5 – Soups and Canned Meats

December 8 – 12- Paper Products and Personal Hygiene

Early Out- 1:30 Dismissal on Wednesday
A reminder that students will be getting out early (1:30) on Wednesday, November 26th. Please plan accordingly. Thank you.

On Wednesday, staff will be working in their grade level or special area Professional Learning Communities for the first hour of the afternoon and then working on their specific content area during the second hour of the afternoon.

Thanksgiving Break – No School
A reminder that there is NO school on Thursday, November 27th or on Friday, November 28th. We hope that everyone has a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving:0)

Still Working on Integrity
A reminder that this month’s Key of Excellence is Integrity. Integrity is when your behaviors/actions match your values or expectations. This can be pictured best using your hands. When your hands and fingers (behaviors and actions) line up, this signifies integrity. When they don’t line up, integrity is missing and things are a mess. Hopefully, your child(ren) has been working on this Key at home as well as school and you have seen their beliefs matching up with their actions:0)

Hudson Community School’s Core Purpose
“We create effective learning environments that result in success for all students.”