Weekly News from the desk of Mr. Schlatter (Oct 13th)

Hi everyone,

I’m finally back. Sorry for the time lapse between communications. The first quarter has seen a lot of changes come across my desk and therefore certain areas have required more of my attention and time than I expected. With that being said, it is my goal not to miss anymore weekly news updates.

For this week, here are a couple pieces that I want to highlight. First, thanks to everyone for their efforts on and support for the PTO fall fundraiser. It is my understanding that we did well. Secondly, I thank everyone who worked and attended the PTO’s movie night. It’s too bad we had to move inside, but it still looked like a lot of people enjoyed the movie and the treats. Thirdly, I want to point out that this is the last week of the first quarter. It’s hard to believe that 8 weeks have already passed us by. For our older students, this means that the window for correcting assignments/work is closing quickly. So please encourage your child to take advantage of this opportunity and get this work done. It can/will make a difference. Finally, we have school pictures this week. Therefore, it time to pull out those special outfits and brighten up those smiles:0) I can’t wait to see the results!

I hope that everyone has a great week. Remember that if you ever have any questions, feel free to contact me. Your thoughts matter. We want your child and you to have a great year.

                                                                  Mr. Schlatter

SIAC Meting
On Monday, October 13th, the Hudson School Improvement Committee (SIAC) committee will meet in the Elementary library at 5:30. This committee serves as a liaison between the school and the community and is formed to provide a community perspective to certain school issues.

Fall School Pictures
On Tuesday, October 14th, students will have their school pictures taken by Lifetouch Photography. Your child should have already brought home their picture envelopes as we sent them home with the kids on October 3rd.

Many of you have already sent your picture envelopes back. Thanks for doing that. If you haven’t sent your envelope back yet, don’t worry. Just send it Monday or Tuesday.

*** Please remember, all money is to be included with the returned envelope. Also remember that all students will have their picture taken, even if they are not purchasing a package.

Early Out- 1:30 Dismissal on Wednesday
A reminder that students will be getting out early (1:30) on Wednesday, October 15th. Please plan accordingly. Thank you.

On Wednesday, staff will be working in their grade level or special area Professional Learning Communities for the first hour of the afternoon. During the second hour, most of the staff will be getting enrolled into the State’s data base so they can start becoming certified on the different FAST tests.

First Grade Fieldtrip to GBPAC
On Thursday, October 16th, the first grade students and staff will be attending a production of Curious George at the Gallagher Bluedorn Performing Arts Center on the UNI campus. In preparation for this trip, we encourage the parents of our first graders to take a few minutes and go over these simples rules for proper audience etiquette.

  • Remain in your seat during the performance
  • Do not put your feet up on the seats and do not kick the seat in front of you.
  • Do not sit or stand in a way that obstructs the view of the person behind you.
  • Don’t speak during the performance unless told to. Uncalled for loud talk or noises distract the people around you and the performers on stage
  • Do laugh when the performance is funny.
  • Do applaud when it is appropriate during the performance.
  • Do applaud when the performance is over…this tells the performers and crew that you appreciate their work.

Time to pick up your orders for the PTO Fundraiser
On Thursday, October 16th, students/parents are asked to come to the Middle School commons from 4 to 6 pm and pick up their orders for PTO fundraiser. Please put this date and time on your calendars as it is very important that orders are picked up and delivered in a timely fashion.

If your order contains freezer items, please try very hard to make it Thursday afternoon since the school doesn’t have the freezer space to store many unclaimed items.

Title 1 Parent Meeting
On Thursday, October 16th, Mrs. Stickfort will be meeting with the parents of any students that are qualifying for participation in the Title 1 reading program. This meeting will be held at 6:30 pm in the elementary library.

Parents of qualifying students were sent a letter letting them know their student was eligible to participate in Title 1 Reading. So if you received a letter, we strongly encourage that you attend this informational meeting so you can hear about Mrs. Stickfort’s Title 1 program:0)

End of the First Quarter
Friday, October 17th brings the first quarter of school to a close. It’s hard to believe that one-fourth of the 2014-15 school year is already behind us. Where did the days go?

Upcoming Events to Put on Your Calendar
Here are a couple of events that you’ll want to be thinking about as the days of October slip on by.

  • October 23- 29 – Book Fair (Wednesday, October 29th is Grand Friends Day at the Book Fair)
  • October 24 – Limo Lunch for qualifying students
  • October 27/28 – Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • October 31- No School

This Month’s Key of Excellence is Commitment
At our last month’s student celebration assemblies, we introduced the Key of Excellence of Commitment. This key asks that our students and staff focus on setting goals (short and long term) and then work to make those goals come to life:0)

To showcase this key, selected students tried their hand at a little Minute to Win-It game called Triple Play. This game asked a team of 3 students to use a straw to blow 3 ping-pong balls into first, second and third base. Although this goal doesn’t seem that hard, we found out it is more difficult than you think. Therefore, it took a lot of commitment from the participants as they tried to get a triple play:0)

*** Just because we moved on to a new key, don’t forget about September’s key of Excellence which was flexibility. This key will be in play all year long.

October’s Focus Area: Lunchroom
This month, we are asking students to pay special attention to their lunchroom behavior by focusing on the following actions…

  • Saying “thank you” when they are served
  • Speaking with an inside voice
  • Using good table manners
  • Keeping their hands in their own area
  • Picking up after himself/herself

We believe that these actions will go a long way in making our lunchroom a nicer place to eat:0) Thanks for your support as we work to instill these behaviors.

Hudson Community School’s Core Purpose
“We create effective learning environments that result in success for all students.