Weekly Pirate News from the desk of Mr. Schlatter (Oct 20th)

Weekly Pirate News from the desk of Mr. Schlatter (Oct 20th)

Hi everyone,

I want to start this week’s newsletter by recognizing the great work that our PTO does. This organization has really stepped up and become a great educational partner. During the last few years, PTO members have provided both financial and volunteer support that has helped improve our facilities and has provided our students and staff with additional learning tools and opportunities. It is under this umbrella that I would like to take the opportunity to THANK everyone who is a part of PTO. Your efforts and support are greatly appreciated!

A reminder that on next Monday, October 27th, and Tuesday, October 28th, we’ll be having Parent/Teacher conferences. Conferences are a great opportunity for us to connect with each other and talk about your child and how their school experience is going. To make conferences as productive as possible, here are some tips that might guide you.

  • Talk to your child before the conference to get their perspective of how school is going and what you might hear. If you are comfortable taking your child to conferences, check with the teacher. If they are comfortable having the child at conferences, take them.
  • Be prepared. Jot down any specific things you want to make sure get talked about at the conference.
  • Be on time (even a touch early if possible). Many teachers’ schedules are full, so being on time helps a lot.
  • Come in with a positive mindset.
  • Stay on track. Conference time is short so you don’t want to get sidetracked talking about things that don’t pertain to your child or their schooling experience.
  • Be a good listener.
  • Be open-minded. Listen to suggestions and search for win-win solutions if necessary.
  • Leave with a plan consisting of things that can help your child make the most of their schooling experience.
  • Close the conference on a positive note. Be gracious of the work your child’s teacher does.
  • Stay within your allotted conference time. If you need more time, schedule another opportunity to meet with your child’s teacher.
  • Review with your child what was discussed at their conference. It is valuable to do this if the child was at the conference or not.
  • Visit with your child’s specials teachers to see how they are doing in art, music, media, guidance, PE and band. You might also want to check out TAG, Title 1 and ELL if your child participates in these programs.


As always, I hope that everyone has a great week. Remember that if you ever have any questions, feel free to contact me. Your thoughts matter. We want your child and you to have a great year.

                                                                  Mr. Schlatter

School Board Meeting

On Monday, October 20th, the Hudson School Board will be meeting at 6:00 pm in the board room. So, join us if you are interested.

Early Out- 1:30 Dismissal on Wednesday

A reminder that students will be getting out early (1:30) on Wednesday, October 22nd. Please plan accordingly. Thank you.

On Wednesday, staff will be working with a consultant from the Wonders ELA program. For those staff members that don’t specifically teach literacy, they will be meeting with their Professional Learning Communities for the first hour of the afternoon. During the second hour, they will continue to identify essential learning outcomes for their discipline.

Iowa Youth Survey

On Thursday, October 23rd, the sixth grade students will be taking the Iowa Youth Survey. This survey provides the state with some data on a variety of issues that our young students deal with in today’s world. If you have any questions about this survey, feel free to contact Mr. Driscol or Mr. Lipinski.

Art It Forward

On Thursday, October 23rd, Mrs. McNeal’s Art It Forward students will be meeting at 3:05 in the art room.

Book Fair Officially Kicks Off

On Friday, October 24th, the Book Fair officially kicks off with the K – 6 students having the opportunity to check out all the neat titles and items. We are looking forward to a great Book Fair this year as we have a little medieval fun as we explore the world of Sir Readalot:0)

      Things will heat up during the first few days of next week as students and their families will have the chance to visit the book fair and do a little shopping.

Art It Forward

On Thursday, October 23rd, Mrs. McNeal’s Art It Forward students will be meeting at 3:05 in the art room.

PTO Limo Lunch

On Friday, October 24th, students who qualified for the limo lunch will get the opportunity to ride in a limo down to the Hudson Fire Station for a special lunch. It’s always fun to see the eyes of the students light up as they get to check out the inside of the limo for the first time:0)

Report Cards

First quarter report cards will be coming home on Friday, October 24th. So check those backpacks and Friday folders:0)

Upcoming Events to Put on Your Calendar

Here are a couple of events that you’ll want to be thinking about as the days of October slip on by.

      October 23- 29 – Book Fair (Wednesday, October 29th is Grand Friends Day at the Book Fair)

October 27/28 – Parent/Teacher Conferences

October 31- No School

This Month’s Key of Excellence is Commitment
A reminder that this month’s Key of Excellence is that of Commitment. This key asks that our students and staff focus on setting goals (short and long term) and then work to make those goals come to life:0)

October’s Focus Area: Lunchroom
This month, we are asking students to pay special attention to their lunchroom behavior by focusing on the following actions…

Saying “thank you” when they are served

Speaking with an inside voice

Using good table manners

Keeping their hands in their own area

 Picking up after himself/herself

We believe that these actions will go a long way in making our lunchroom a nicer place to eat:0) Thanks for your support as we work to instill these behaviors.

Hudson Community School’s Core Purpose
“We create effective learning environments that result in success for all students.”