8/25 HS Announcements


Students:  Please remember to pick up a pre arranged absence form from the office in the event you will be absent.  This form will need to be signed by your teachers and a parent.  You will need to turn this form into the office PRIOR to your absense.
Students:  In the event you are late for a class, don’t forget to get a pink pass from Tera or Dee in the HS
There will be a senior class meeting on Monday in the HS library during 1st seminar.
The following people can pick up a 2016-2017 yearbook from Mrs. Yoder before school, during either seminar, or after school. Please bring your check, made out to Hudson Schools, for $45:  Alexis Schares, Lexi Bergemeir, Trey Jochmusen, Brooke Busch, Regan Reichert, Deondre Frische, Alison Peck, and Sidney Freemont. If you no longer need a copy, please email Mrs. Yoder so we can make it available for others.
If you did not get a copy of the 2016-2017 yearbook and would like one, there are a few copies left for $45 each.
There will be a Senior class meeting in the HS Gym on Friday at 11:05.
There will be a Sophomore class meeting in the HS Gym on Friday at 11:40
All books taken from the HS Library MUST BE signed out on the clipboard on the library counter. The books are school property and must be accounted for if they leave the library. The checkout period is 2 weeks, but books can be renewed by emailing Ms. Smelser. Students will be contacted through school email about any overdue books. Thank you!