Room Number: 109
Phone: 319-988-4226
John Paulson

9-12 Science Teacher

Welcome to Hudson High School Science

Science Education is not memorization, it is learning to use existing knowledge to acquire more knowledge in an effort to solve real life problems. I have a background working in environmental science and engineering that has helped mold my dogma on teaching. I believe that being a non-traditional teacher has helped me engage and apply ‘real-world’ concepts, job skills, critical thinking, and problem solving into the class.

Every year, i get to improve my own teaching practice and every year i get opportunities to learn more from my students. I have an awesome job and I am grateful for the attitudes of success, hard work, and forward thinking that Hudson High School offers students, staff, and families. If you are an upcoming student to the High School, I look forward to getting to work with you. If you are a past student student of mine, then I say thank you for teaching me about your perspective.

Best Regards,

Mr. Paulson